About us

Our Chicago-based consulting practice began in 1991 helping a local firm achieve ISO 9000 registration.  Although we have diversified considerably since the 90's, assisting clients with Standards registration has remained a mainstay. Starting with the ISO9000 series, we have developed expertise in ISO/TS 16949, AS9100/9110/9120, ISO14000, ISO 17025 and related industry specific spin-offs.

Our consulting practice has assisted clients that range from privately held, family run operations to multi-billion dollar, foreign owned businesses.
While most clients are traditional manufacturers we also work with sales, engineering, technical support and other service related operations. These include clients in the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications and defense industries as well as FDA and FAA regulated businesses.

Our Philosophy

True to our original "proportioned" approach, we enter each engagement on a customized, individualized basis.

We do not believe in "pre-fab" procedures or fill in the blank quality manuals. Each gap analysis, procedure, work instruction, coaching/training session, or readiness assessment activity is designed to meet the unique needs and specific operating environment of the client.

We develop low-maintenance, self-sustaining systems which enable our clients to pass registration on the first attempt and remain registered with minimal additional effort.